Features & Benefits

Euroclay is the future of tennis. Euroclay offers all of the benefits of a traditional clay court but without the restrictive and costly maintenance. “Restrictive” because when a clay court is being repaired it cannot be played and of course, no play means no revenue. Additionally Euroclay’s rapid drainage properties allow it to be played in all weather conditions; further enhancing its money earning potential.

In the words of 4 X Wimbledon champion Peter Fleming: “Euroclay: looks like clay, plays like clay, slides like clay.” In fact we believe it is the best tennis court surface available on the market today.

10 reasons why you should choose Euroclay for your Club, School or University

1. High UV stability – Euroclay is sun resistant making it the ideal tennis court surface for warm climates
2. No cracking ( unlike natural clay) – Hot, dry weather will not crack the courts surface
3. No water usage – A huge saving of both time and money in relation to traditional clay courts
4. Rapid draining (unlike natural clay) – Even after the heaviest downpour, Euroclay is ready to play in minutes
5. Suitable for indoor and out door use – euroclay’s cushioned surface reduces court noise even indoors
6. No more tape lines – all lines are inlayed in to the court surface
7. Requires little or no maintenance – another money and time saver
8. Playable all year round – Euroclay doesn’t just save you money it makes you money
9. Easily installed on top of an existing court – Euroclay installation is fast, easy and long lasting
10. Euroclay comes with a 5 year warranty – so your new court surface is worry free

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Clinton Coleman Talks About Euroclay