Centre Court Ltd specialise in the provision, installation and maintenance of synthetic, all weather surfaces for sport. Our surfaces are durable, low maintenance and low cost but most importantly as close to the real thing in terms of response and playability as you will ever experience.

Our football surfaces are rated as FIFA 1 and FIFA 2 and give excellent shoe grip, a guaranteed level playing surface and a realistic, uniform bounce. They can be played in any weather and are suitable for use in all climates and afford a low abrasion coefficient that helps to prevent the type of astro turf burns experienced with competitive systems.

Our hockey surfaces meet the requirements of the International Hockey Federation and provide players with uniform traction, true ball roll and the experience of playing on natural grass. Our quick draining carpet surfaces are visually attractive and playable in all weather.

Our Tennis surfaces are approved by both the I.T.F and L.T.A. They are designed to offer all of the benefits of traditional surfaces but without the maintenance costs. There is no watering or rolling necessary with our synthetic tennis surfaces and our courts are playable in both wet and dry conditions.

Euroclay – tennis
Match Point – tennis, football, hockey & netball
Break Point – tennis & hockey

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