Why Euroclay?

What exactly is Euroclay (EC)?

EC is a combination of a polyethaline fiber carpet cut to a 13mm height with a very specific sand in-fill. The carpet is woven in a “multi-directional pattern”, which gives the player a feeling of moving easily in all directions. The actual carpet is perforated, which makes it easy for water to penetrate through quickly and run off underneath. The in-fill counts around 17 tons! A normal astro-turf court (artificial grass) only fills up with around 3 tons in comparison. Once the surface is laid, it looks exactly like a traditional clay-court but the sand does not fly around and it does not colour, as a normal clay-court does.

How does it feel to play on?

According to Peter Fleming, “it is the REAL deal”! If feels and looks exactly like a real clay-court – maybe a bit faster than clay. It is rated as a “slow/medium”- pace court. Because of the carpet base, contrary to clay only, you do not create deeper indentations on the surface, as you sometimes do on real clay. The ball bounces relatively high and very evenly all over the court. The lines are a part of the weaving in the carpet, so you do not have “funny bounces” when hitting the lines.

What are the advantages of Euroclay?

1. Can be installed on top of an existing court/base or installed from scratch
2. Has a five year guarantee
3. Almost no maintenance – a yearly clean is recommended. Compared to a clay-court, therefore a lot of money and time to save!
4. No water usage! So, compared to a traditional clay-court, there is a lot of water and money to save here AND it is an environmentally friendly court!
5. High UV stability and high spec yarn
6. No cracking – unlike normal clay courts
7. No more taped lines – inlayed in the carpet surface
8. Softer on the joints than hard-courts, so good for recreational players as well as performance players
9. Easy to teach new players on because of its relatively slower pace and higher bounce compared to most hard-courts
10. When starting to rain, you can continue to play. The water runs through easily and the surface stays relatively dry. In cases of a longer period of heavier rain, where play is stopped, the courts will dry out very quickly after the rain stops. After approx. 10-15 min, you can commence play. This means far less “down-time” for coaches and students
11. The ball does not “fluf-up” due to the way the carpet is knitted. Due to the multi-directional element in the surface, the ball has always an even bounce.
12. Euroclay is very suitable for indoor-fitting. The sand does not fly around, the surface does not need water AND the surface exhibits a very good sound absorption
13. In the clubs, where Euroclay has been installed, it has created a growth in membership. As Euroclay courts have less down-time the increase in all year round play means increased court fee revenue.

Is it an approved surface, i.e, can you play tournaments on it?

YES and YES! Contrary to astro-turf courts, the Euroclay surface has been approved by ITF and LTA. This means that tournaments can be played on these courts.

Is it expensive?

Euroclay is not the cheapest option but not that expensive either. It is more expensive than most hard-courts and fractionally more expensive than a top astro-turf court but cheaper than the traditional clay-court. However, when you take all the advantages into consideration, it becomes the logical choice!

Are there any disadvantages?

We strongly believe that The biggest disadvantage might be that once you get used to playing on this surface, you will not really want to play on anything else. It is THAT good! Of course there is an argument for playing on FAST-COURTS, where the serve-and-volley player can excel but for most clubs, where the recreational and junior player are as important as the pro player, Euroclay is the right choice.

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