Maintenance For Euroclay

When it comes to maintenance; the savings that you will experience with Euroclay in comparison to natural clay are considerable.

Euroclay requires only minimal light drag brushing between games. Euroclay never needs watering whereas traditional clay courts use up to 100,000 litres of water per year! Unlike clay, Euroclay does not need rolling or annual reconstruction.

Natural clay courts can cost you between 6000 and 13,000 Euros each year to maintain!

The only periodical maintenance that we recommend for your Euroclay court is an annual deep brushing of the carpet fibres and a topping up of the sand infill. Any moss or plant growth can be easily treated with spray during this maintenance procedure.

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Maintenance For Break Point & Match Point

Once installed, your Break Point or Match Point synthetic sports turf will require only minimal maintenance. For basic artificial pitch maintenance a plastic rake or broom will normally be sufficient to remove general plant debris and litter. The raking motion will also help realign fibres and even out the sand infill.

For longer term maintenance of our sand filled artificial grass (s.f.a.g,) products we recommend the use of our high pressure water and motorised brush systems. These can be used to rejuvenate synthetic sports turf and we suggest a 12, 24 or 36 months maintenance contract to include refilling of the sand infill.

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Artificial Pitch Maintenance